Lebanon’s star point guard, Wael Arakji, put on a remarkable performance in a game against Iran, earning the well-deserved title of MVP for his outstanding contributions to the team’s success.

In the game, Arakji demonstrated his exceptional skills and versatility, scoring a total of 21 points. What’s particularly impressive is his shooting efficiency, as he made 6 out of 9 field goals, highlighting his accuracy and ability to make crucial baskets when needed. He was equally impressive from the free-throw line, converting 8 of 9 attempts, showcasing his consistency and composure under pressure.

However, Arakji’s impact on the game extended far beyond scoring. He showcased his play making abilities by recording 7 assists, which not only demonstrates his vision and basketball IQ but also highlights his ability to create scoring opportunities for his teammates. This unselfish play making quality is crucial for a point guard, as it helps the team maintain offensive flow and maximize their scoring potential.

Arakji also contributed on the defensive end and the boards with 3 rebounds. This shows his commitment to all aspects of the game, including helping secure possessions and limit second-chance opportunities for the opposing team.

In summary, Wael Arakji’s performance in the game against Iran was nothing short of outstanding. He displayed his scoring prowess, efficiency, playmaking skills, and commitment to both ends of the court. His contributions were vital in securing the victory for Lebanon, and his performance serves as a testament to his status as a star point guard in the basketball world. Congratulations to Lebanon on this impressive win, largely thanks to the brilliance of Wael Arakji.