Our History

Riyadi Club Founded 1934

Riyadi Club, also known as, An-Nadi Al Riyadi was founded in 1934 by: Hussein Sejaan, Hassan Ladki, Fouad Zantout, Youssef Shaker, Mustafa Shaker, Zouheir Yatim, Helmi Chehab, and Wafic Nsouli. In 1934, and thanks to the continuous efforts of Mr. Hussein Sejaan, “Elm wa-Khabar # 2575” gave permission for the youngsters of “Ras Beirut” to participate in sports activities at the club’s first location in “Rawshe” in what is currently “Farid el Atrash Casino”.

Riyadi Achievement

1945 Sport Approval Granted

In 1945, the Ministry of the Interior gave permission to “Riyadi Club in Beirut – An-Nadi Al-Riyadi fi Beirut” to participate in various sports in its location in “Rawshe”. Some of these sports were Basketball, Volleyball, Handball, Tennis, and Ping Pong.

Evolution of the game (1954)

In 1947, Riyadi club moved from “Rawshe” to “Sanayeh” near “Saroulla” street. It was located beside the gas station that currently facesPatesserie Le Roi”. President Beshara el-Khoury, Prime Minister Riad el-Solh and Mr. Saeb Salam attended the opening ceremony. The first time Riyadi played a basketball game against a foreign team was in 1947 and was against “Galatasaray” from Turkey. The match was tight, and Riyadi lost 33-39. President Beshara el-Khoury, Prime Minister Riad el-Solh and Mr. Saeb Salam attended the game and cheered for Riyadi. Riyadi Club finally moved to its current location in “Rawshe” facing the “Military club” in 1954.

Riyadi Achievement
Riyadi Women 2017 Team

Riyadi Women’s Team 1965

In 1965, Riyadi launched its first women team to compete with few other clubs that had women teams at that time like “Homentmen” and “Antranik”. The dream of an enclosed court (Saeb Salam Arena) was realized in 1991 during the term of Club President Hisham Jaroudi and with the generous help and support of his Honorary President Mr. Tammam Salam and a number of sports and Al-Riyadi supporters from across Lebanon.