At NSA (Nadim Souaid Academy), they hold strong beliefs that guide their everyday efforts. Established in the summer of 2013 by Lebanese Basketball National Team Captain Nadim Souaid, NSA is a sports and cultural academy that is deeply committed to supporting local youth in honing their basketball skills.

NSA has a presence in both Lebanon and Qatar, making it accessible to aspiring athletes across these regions. The academy goes beyond just teaching basketball; it is dedicated to nurturing the potential of young individuals. Their programs encompass comprehensive training, character development, teamwork, and the values of sportsmanship.

With a focus on excellence in sports education, NSA combines expert coaching, modern facilities, and a supportive community to empower participants with the skills and discipline needed to succeed in both basketball and life.

More than just an academy, NSA stands as an inspiration and a doorway to opportunities for young athletes. It provides them with the tools and guidance to pursue their dreams and become leaders, both on and off the basketball court. NSA’s commitment to local youth remains steadfast, recognizing the potential for greatness within each individual with the right guidance and dedication.