Al Rayyan SC

The Al Rayyan Basketball Team is a highly esteemed Qatari professional basketball squad, rooted in the district of Omm Alafai within the city of Al-Rayyan, Qatar. As a central component of the Al Rayyan Sports Club, this basketball team has forged a reputation as one of the most accomplished and successful clubs in the Qatari basketball landscape.

Al Rayyan’s remarkable success story transcends both domestic and international arenas. On the home front, the team has consistently excelled in the Qatar basketball scene, clinching numerous national titles and championships. Their dominance in domestic competitions has solidified their position as a perennial powerhouse in Qatari basketball.

Beyond their national achievements, Al Rayyan has also made a significant impact on the international stage. The team’s participation in various international tournaments and leagues has garnered them recognition and respect in the wider basketball community. Their ability to compete at an international level underscores their commitment to excellence and their aspiration to represent Qatar with pride