Al Naft

Al Naft Sporting Club, founded in 1942, holds a significant place in Iraqi football history. This club, based in Baghdad, has consistently been a contender in various football leagues and competitions within Iraq. Its football team is at the heart of its sporting endeavors, participating in prestigious events like the Iraqi Premier League. Throughout its history, Al Naft has striven for excellence on the football field, garnering a dedicated fan base and achieving noteworthy success.

Al Naft’s achievements on the football pitch have contributed to its enduring reputation. While specific titles and accomplishments may vary over the years, the club’s commitment to the sport and its competitive spirit have made it a respected name in Iraqi football circles. As with many sports clubs, Al Naft’s fortunes may fluctuate from season to season, but its rich history and dedication to the game continue to be a source of pride for both its supporters and the broader football community in Iraq.